Friday, October 31, 2008

does anyone read this?

I don't really know if anyone reads this, but I guess JUST in case,
i will keep updating.
I've been keeping crazy busy with working and such,
so right now I am super exhausted...
but listening to the mt. vernon witness CD so YAY!
Doesn't get much better than that!
So glad it is Friday - the best day of the week fo SHO!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

oh hey, i'm alive.

so i realized that i havnt blogged in a thousand years.
so here I am. It's been a crazy month, with lots of work
and fun adventures to bowling alleys and movie theatres.
ok, it hasn't been all that exciting, but i've been having fun, ok?
we had a really awesome weekend here at TAA, aaron roche and his wife whitni were here
to minister to us through music, stories, and through the pure amazingness of them.
aaron plays guitar and sings songs that he writes, and whitni sings harmony and
shared with us a book that she wrote - so cute. i have fallen in love with them
as a couple lol they are the epitome of adorable.
anyways, they gave two concerts in the student center that everyone enjoyed
and hopefully they will be back for banquet as our entertainment!
check out his ministry in music at

this time of year is always my favorite - the smells and sights of fall.
however, here in arizona, we have, well...summer.
it will get colder but the leaves on the trees wont change, and basically
the "harvest" season isn't really captured in this suburban valley town.
it's one of the most depressing things about living out here - that
and the fact that we have no ruehl 925...
in a town of 987345987349873495987345987345 stores, the only one i truly LOVE
isn't here. :( so sad.

my job at mimi's is going really well - i love the people there and the food is amazing :D
i thank god for leading me to apply there because it is great.. couldn't have asked for a better 2nd job.
soooo i think that's enough for now..
have a fabulous week!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

enter the world where weekends are lame.

So I've been on duty allllllll weekend.
I am so tired. I just want a nap.
This is what happened this afternoon.
Around say, 1:50ish, I try to take a nap.
2:12 - I get a call telling me I need to pick a girl up at the airport at 5:30. UGH.
Therefore, my nap was interrupted, never to be resumed.
So yeah, besides going to the airport,
my sunday has been and will (hopefully!) be uneventful.
Tomorrow I start my new job at Mimi's Cafe.
I am so excited. Seriously.
Can't wait to start serving again.
Plus, I will have extra cash, AND be a lot less bored.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

oh. dear.

children. seriously, they don't get it.
Today I walked into the dorm coming from staff meeting. I had
been out of the dorm for oh, about 40 minutes.
But I walked in and lo and behold, in my lobby was a
wait for it
I don't get it. These girls just think they can let boys in our lobby whenever they want.
They didn't even look up when I walked in. I stood there for like a minute and waited, but
they didn't even notice.
So I asked, "Did you ask to be in here?" He looked at me like he didn't understand (he's Korean).
The girl next to him was like, "Did you?" OBVIOUSLY NOT, i WASN"T THERE WHEN HE CAME IN!!!
OHHH i was irate. So i made him leave. He was like, I need to be working on this project!
I said, come back later, because right now I am VERY angry.


Swear these kids just don't care about the rules here.

On a lighter note, my day off was yesterday.
and I got to workout with my good looking personal trainer...ahhhh...

Friday, August 29, 2008

no stairs!!!

So I just realized something incredible. Kristy pointed out to mE that there are no stairs in Arizona! At least, neither of us have seen any stairs since we got here!!! Its a long way from MVA and our 2536 stairs!! I thought you would appreciate that little tid bit of trivia. Anyways, the weekend is finally here and we can rest. Somewhat. But I am looking forward to it. I will write more when I'm on duty tomorrow.... Goodnight!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

ah the joys of AdCo

It's incredible how my boring life can suddenly be filled with insane situations. I suppose these situations aren't so insane because I knew they were bound to occur, however, I wasn't expecting them to occur so quickly. Saturday I caught two of my girls in the rooms...smoking. Seriously, what kind of logic was used there? "Oh, hey, let's go smoke some cigarettes in a dorm room and let the smell permeate the entire dorm." Really? Think much? So we've been in meetings the last few days as far as punishment goes. At least it gave me something to do....

My productivity level today was superb. It was my day off so after AdCo this morning I watched a movie, did some hard-core shopping, and joined a gym. Then I worked out. Prime. After dinner, I took two of my darling girls to Jamba Juice, which is possibly the best smoothie place ever. I <3>

Oh, hey, guess what time it is! Nearly midnight. And guess what time I have to wake up? 5:25. And I still have to shower before I sleep. Tis the life of a dean. But it is on this note, however, that I will say goodnight. I will write again soon when my days aren't so crazy. This may be the last you hear from me...


Thursday, August 21, 2008

utter and total boredom...

So. I have nothing to do. Take that back. I could find things to do, if i really wanted to.
And sure, there are things I need to do that I don't want to, but I feel like there isn't much to do. 
Confused? I am. 
So I put some more pictures up on my picasa, so you should definately check THOSE out. would be fab! 

Last night I had my first exciting experience as a dean; I had to take a girl to the emergency room! She wasn't hurt or anything, just feeling faint and dizzy so her mom wanted us to get her to the emergency room. It was still fun. Made me feel useful! She turned out to be ok, which was a very good thing. At least I knew my way to the hospital...

until later, dean bethany